You want to learn how to write poems. Or you want to learn how to improve the poems you write.

You could buy a book; there are literally hundreds on ‘How to Write a Poem’. You can even buy software. You could sign up for a course, a workshop, you could even do some kind of university accreditation in creative writing.

All these options work for some people. But they are all ‘one size fits all’ solutions. Workshops, courses and books all assume the same exercises, the same ‘rules’, will help everyone regardless of talent or interest. Formal academic courses tell you what you have to do and a lot of what you have to do isn’t directed at helping you improve your own poems. 

All of these options are time consuming and costly.  Most of them will leave you with a set of rules and formulas which, at the end of the day, won’t improve your writing.  They are characterized by a lack of understanding about ‘teaching’.

What we’re offering is much simpler and driven by your needs and ambitions. I will help you improve the poem or the manuscript you’re working on, and teach you ways of improving the one you haven’t written yet. You should enjoy the process, and everything you learn should be specific to your aims.

The advantages for you? 

You work at your own pace in your own time.  You have access to an experienced teacher and poet.  I support you in your ambition to write better poems or simply to enjoy writing.  You don’t have to do mindless exercises. You don’t need to get lost on the wrong bus or brave the car park at night or listen to people whose poetry you don’t like telling you how they’d write yours.

What we offer.

There are two basic options currently on offer on the SHOP page of this website but if you don’t see what you want, contact me at and we can work something out.  Prices are in Australian dollars and  do not reflect the quality of the service but the reality of writing poetry. It is unlikely that most poets will ever recover the tuition fees charged by universities or writing workshops from their poems, so the prices are kept low to make the service affordable.

1)   Single poem feedback. Up to thirty lines. Written comments and suggestions about the poem, with the opportunity to respond the comments with questions.  15 dollars. (Over thirty lines add five dollars for every ten lines.)

2)   Detailed Manuscript reading.  Ideal for anyone thinking of self-publishing. A detailed response to your manuscript of poems. Up to sixty pages. 250 Dollars. Over sixty pages, ask for a quote.

3)   You decide what you want, contact me with your suggestion and we’ll negotiate the package.


Please Note.

The service is offered in strictest confidence. You retain the right to all your work.

This is not a manuscript assessment service, nor am I a literary agent. I can teach you ways of improving your poems. I cannot guarantee they will be published or win awards. No one can do that.

It is important that a student choses the teacher. Instead of turning up to a room to meet someone whose work you may not like, you should read some of the poems on this website.  Have a look at the reviews and articles. If you don’t like any of them, or they are totally unlike what you’re doing, I am probably not the person to help you.

Critiques and comments are offered in good faith and the price includes the opportunity to discuss the comments you receive. (One email exchange if you’re paying for a single poem.) I will not refund your money because you don’t like what I have written about your work.

However, if I don’t have anything to say, or I don’t think I can be useful: I will return your work and your money.