Films and Sound Files

A short film, unscripted and unrehearsed, made for the launch of Lady Godiva and Me. The route leads from the Car Museum to the Old Cathedral and into the Art Gallery and Museum, where we recorded the readings in someone's office while they were making tea. A very limited number of copies of Lady Godiva and Me are still available from the Shop section of this website. The book is currently out of print. Thanks to Richard Wood who filmed this on the fly. Credits at the end.

The trailer for  Anhaga.  Video by Joe Guilar.

Sound Files


'Contradictions' from the digital version of 'I'll Howl Before you Bury Me'. The music I'm playing in the background is Dowland's 'Tarleton's Resurrection'. 

The boys and I  one Sunday afternoon in Clancy's. Rowan Buchanan on Bass, Josh Guilar on Bodhram. Me on Guitar. Unknown random accordion player.